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Foster a Pet

What are Foster Homes?

Foster homes provide a warm, safe, healthy, loving environment for the foster animal. Foster parents prepare the animal for life in a “real” home and socialization in the world. Some shelter animals have never had that experience.

We are looking for individuals and families to provide both short-term and long-term foster care to dogs and cats. Animals typically placed in foster care are those who are:

  • too young to be adopted

  • undersocialized

  • having a difficult time adjusting to a shelter environment

  • in need of medical care that can be better treated in a foster home, or

  • in need of a place to stay when the shelter becomes crowded


How do I know if I would make a good foster?

You are ready to foster if:

  • your own animals are up-to-date on vaccinations

  • your own animals have been spayed/neutered

  • you have adequate space (crates are highly recommended)

  • you agree to keep your foster animals indoors

  • you have an isolation area for sick animals

  • you are ready to make a time commitment to each foster animal from day one through adoption or return to the shelter

  • you agree to follow the policies, procedures and guidelines that have been set for foster parents.

What is involved?

A length of time a foster parent provides a temporary home for an animal can be anywhere from one week to several months. Being a foster parent is like being a grandparent – all the enjoyment of caring for an animal without the lifetime responsibility! However, a foster parent must be the type of person who can take home a needy animal, care for, and bond with, and then be able to let the animal go to another family or return to the shelter.

We provide bedding and any medications when needed. Food and litter can also be provided, although many foster parents opt to purchase their own to help the shelter with expenses. Preapproved medical care is also provided at the expense of the shelter, or can be sponsored by the foster parent. Medical expenses not preapproved will be at the expense of the foster family.

Our volunteer foster parents are critical to our success. There is nothing as rewarding or as bittersweet as watching a successful foster animal move on to a permanent home. It takes a special kind of person to be a foster parent. If you are up for the challenge and the reward, please complete our foster application.  Your completed form will be sent to the shelter. If approved, you will be contacted to come to the shelter for a brief oriention and to sign the application.  If you have any questions, please call us at (434) 591-0123 or email us at

If you want to help shelter pets find permanent homes, ask us about our Adoption Ambassador program!

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